Deathly Hallows Fight part 1 by ehay

Professors Snape and McGonagall’s duel.

Ah, somebody who formatted it correctly. I bow to your Tumblr skills (and thanks for citing me).

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This show is not leaving me alone and I have a paper to write.

Carmilla fan art. (Perry’s doing first-aid with the most absorbent dressing on hand, Laura’s got garlic and a spatula and isn’t on Top Chef). 

Spider in Western Canada. I chased it a few times around the fern before it decided to hang still. (Full frame, 24-105 mm lens)

Carmilla. Canadian-made, low-budget, bare-bones series filmed in four days. Profoundly geeky. I stumbled across it last night and it proved a wonderful distraction from post-midterm worries. 

Find out more here.

Random summer art, and I’m obviously still stuck on films I’ve watched in the past few months. This is missing a few panels/still some rough in places but it would get lost in the depths of my hard drive) if I don’t upload it now. 

Maleficent's redeeming features were few, but Angelina Jolie was made for that role and I did enjoy the animation. 

Maleficent and a baby. The baby was a late addition - no idea were she got it from, I just needed something to do with her arms. 

I visited TCAF early this morning (it already packed with people), allowed myself half an hour to wander around and buy a book/sketch, and then rushed home again because there’s an inhuman amount of studying of very dry material to be done. 

If you’re in the market for a clever comic with amazing art, and/or are fond of animals; head over to Karl Kerschl’s The Abominable Charles Christopher. I find the comic to be similar to Calvin and Hobbes or Walt Kelly’s Pogo (but with darker undertones and more Dungeons and Dragon’s references). It’s also loosely inspired by the Mesopotamian myth of Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Have a few hours to kill? Go forth and read, and grab the books at his store because it’s even better on paper.

"He’s got Padfoot!"

ETA: image now has minor adjustments. 

McGonagall and Umbridge during teacher evaluations in The Order of the Phoenix.